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The award-winning, free Web browser is better than ever before. With this brand new release of Mozilla Firefox, powerful new features have been added that make your online search experience more intuitive and user-friendly. Download Firefox now and enjoy the best web experience!
Download Mozilla Firefox 2015 Free
Firefox® for Windows (English - US)

Cutting-edge Speed and Technology

This is the fastest Firefox yet. It excels at both technical benchmarks and the everyday tasks that you do most. If you enjoy games, you can now play some of your favorites right on the Web without sacrificing speed or overall performance.

World Class Protection

Firefox lets you learn more about the sites you visit and helps keep you secure online. Anti-phishing & anti-malware features protect you from trojan horses and spyware and warn you about potentially fraudulent sites.

Designed to Protect your Privacy

Your personal information is your private property. Therefore Firefox is filled with features to ensure you're in control of what gets shared.

Automatic Security Updates

Firefox updates automatically to make sure you always have the latest and greatest security fixes.

Make Firefox your own

It's easier than ever to personalize Firefox and make it work the way you do. No other browser gives you so much choice and flexibility.